Teamsters Local 346 Savings & 401(k) Plan
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401(k): (218) 727-7929

  • Plan Documents & Notifications

    Savings/401(k) Plan Documents

    Summary Plan Description (SPD):

    View the full Summary Plan Description that explains the Plan benefits available to you and your family.


    Summary of Material Modifications 1 (SMM):

    Plan changes relating to Participant account fees.


    Summary of Material Modifications 2 (SMM):

    Plan changes relating to benefit distributions upon termination of employment.


    Summary of Material Modifications 3 (SMM):

    Plan changes relating to permitting Roth elective deferrals to the Plan if negotiated into your Collective Bargaining Agreement.


    Summary of Material Modifications 4 (SMM):

    Plan changes relating to financial hardship distribution optons.


    Summary of Material Modifications 5 (SMM):

    Plan changes relating to in-service withdrawals.


    Savings/401(k) Notices

    Summary Annual Report (SAR):

    The SAR provides basic financial information regarding the Plan and informs you of your rights to additional information.


    Keeping Your Money in the Plan at Retirement:

    This document explains the advantages in keeping your money in the Teamsters Local 346 Savings and 401(k) Plan at Retirement.


    404a Annual Fee Disclosure:

    This required annual disclosure provides information regarding the Plan’s fees and investments.


    QDIA Notice:

    This notice describes your rights to direct investments in a broad range of investment alternatives and how accounts will be invested in the absence of participant direction.


    Fund Fact Sheets:

    The Fund fact sheets provide a summary of Fund information including investment objectives, fees and expenses, and risk and return characteristics.


    Joint & Survivor Annuity Notice:

    This notice explains the terms of the joint and survivor annuity and your rights regarding its waiver under the Plan.